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Embedded Systems

Innovative items keep on having critical effect on the financial situation, as far as solace, accommodation and efficiency upgrades. Individual solace and profitability through keen and proficient gadgets; modern efficiency enhancements with astute controllers; complex medicinal techniques with due accuracy empowered by trend setting innovations; venture efficiencies through cutting edge processing stages and multifunctional gadgets; achievement developments in vehicle and transportation - today, every part of individual life and business is experiencing change utilizing insightful advancements.

Installed Technology is at the core of these keen items and SRH International Pvt Ltd encourages these item makers to address their consistently expanding needs in this space. SRH International Pvt Ltd has broad involvement in Embedded Systems that range crosswise over different industry sections. We are at the front line of the innovation field and help our clients to conquer all innovation challenges.


SRH International Pvt Ltd offers an extensive variety of outline, advancement and bolster administrations for Embedded Systems around all layers of innovation all through every one of the periods of the item lifecycle. Ideal from item improvement and support to testing, we offer administrations that assistance our customers to put up their items considerably quicker for sale to the public and in a more practical manner.

We are a main specialist co-op in the Embedded Systems advertise overhauling industry sections including:

  • Office Automation
  • Storage, Networks & Computing.
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Medical Devices
  • Automation & Control
  • Automotive
  • Mobile & Wireless

Our global delivery centers are equipped with Embedded Development Labs and test environments to replicate our clients’ development and test environments as well as to simulate the real-time behavior of the systems.


SRH International Pvt Ltd consolidates the most ideal innovation and administration to make a brought together, dynamic, completely oversaw cloud advertising:

SRH International Pvt Ltd Cloud Orchestrator. Extensive multiplatform, multi-cloud, combined application coordination structure that depends on lean building rehearses and empowers full cycle, consistent arrangement conveyance.

Nimbula Director. Another class of cloud foundation and administrations framework, Nimbula Director consolidates the adaptability, versatility, and operational productivity of an open cloud with the control, security, and trust of the present most exceptional private server farms.

EMC Atmos. This multi-occupant, disseminated distributed storage structure offers you gigantic versatility with knowledge to address the difficulties of putting away and overseeing immense measures of unstructured substance.

NetApp. Empowers a multi-occupant condition in which isolate applications and clients can have a similar server, stockpiling, and systems administration foundation with finish detachment so delicate data is never bargained. Key highlights incorporate a proficient, dependably on foundation with flexible adaptability; coordinated information assurance; propelled mechanization; and the capacity to straightforwardly relocate the two applications and information over the framework.

Integrated Monitoring. Finish observing and alarming for servers, switches, applications, and administrations. Checking enables you to recognize and repair issues and resolve creating issues before would they be able to influence end-clients and clients.

VMware. Use your current speculations and enhance IT effectiveness and spryness while improving security and decision with a private cloud based on VMware.

Our experts have worked with industry driving customers, for example,, Avaya, and other to configuration, construct, and host extensive scale, venture wide cloud arrangements. We comprehend the pragmatic, true prerequisites of sending cloud-based applications, and supporting substantial networks of clients that rely upon them.