Profile Building

Profile building refers to any activity undertaken to raise public awareness of your expertise, skills, achievements and involvements in order to advance your career.
Personality development is a tool through which you bring out your capabilities you’re your strengths making yourself aware of your inner self and become more confident to face the outside world.
The ever increasing trend of getting good marks in high schools, calls for a more creative method of evaluation by colleges to select students who are ‘better than the best’.
Due to drastic increase in competition, the stakes are not very high even if you get good grades. There is no guarantee. This increase in competition has led universities to no longer count on marks as a defining factor for admission. Hence they also focus on achievements beyond academics to gauge the calibre of students.
A student with an impressive profile has much more chances of getting into the college of his/her own choice. Profile building is really very important to develop the overall personality of a student but it is not something that can be achieved overnight. It takes time, hence the early you start, and greater are your chances of going to your dream college.
‘Time and tide waits for none’. Once it has passed, you can only reflect on what has gone by. That is why as a student in high school, every decision you make can either make or break your career. With more time you can build a stronger profile.
While pursuing A levels is the perfect time to start
While pursuing graduation is also a good time
In final year of graduation, you still have some time
Graduation is very late and you need to rush now if you want your profile to make an impact. Though, you should not let that stop you because it is better late than never.
Having students create a learner profile for themselves at an early stage is a great way to have them develop a better and fuller understanding of who they are as learners. In creating their profiles, students can reflect on what motivates and challenges them when learning. This develops their independence and places them in a better position to self-advocate for the tools, learning materials and presentation options that can optimize their learning experiences.
There are various ways to build your profile. You can undertake short educational programmes and excel in any extra-curricular activity of your choice, be it sports, dance, music, art, painting, etc. This way you can discover various things about yourself and look at life with a different perspective. You might find your passion while learning any of these which is also a good thing for you.
A few reasons that profile building is very important at an early stage are:

1. Gives confidence
2. Improves communication skills
3. Helps to gain management skills
4. Makes you credible
5. Improving personality
6. Gain knowledge
7. International exposure