Online Volunteer Programmes

That’s not to say that volunteering abroad doesn’t still have its own benefits or advantages over volunteering online. But, in a shock to absolutely no one, very few people (especially students or recent grads) have the means or free time required to volunteer abroad. SRH International’s online volunteerworkgenerally include assisting in the Community Services, Global Health Programmes, etc. There are some key differences between the two experiences that you should consider before making a final decision:

Skills. Your virtual volunteer experience will still prop up your resume beautifully—but be prepared to answer questions in future interviews about why you didn’t ultimately go abroad for your act of service. Keep in mind that the skills you’ll build as a virtual volunteer will be different, but just as valuable as what you would learn abroad. Time management, self-motivation, and problem solving are all skills you’ll gain or practice while volunteering online.

Affordability. If you can’t pay the fees associated with being an international volunteer, you’re absolutely not alone. Since a major portion of those fees would normally go to your living expenses (food, accommodation, transportation, etc.), the price tag on virtual volunteering is heavily discounted. You may even be able to afford volunteering twice!

Impact. Since it won’t be as easy to see the impact of your work abroad as a virtual volunteer, you may ultimately feel as though you’re not having an impact at all. Being a volunteer online will involve the ability to know that your work is making a difference, even if you can’t see it—and having the courage to reach out and ask questions if you think you can be doing more.