Corporate Banking Structure

Malta corporate bank account

SRH International PLC project manages all procedures on behalf of our Client for opening a corporate bank account in Malta. Our Maltese expert will prepare all necessary documents and attend a bank interview (if required) on your behalf. Where applicable, our team will attend bank interviews on your behalf and assist with applying to the full range of corporate banking services available.

Please read below for further information regarding corporate banking services in Malta.

Malta banking sector

  • Over the last decade, there is a significant transformation in the banking sector of Malta. Previously, the banking sector, one of the backbones of Malta, was tightly controlled and publicly owned. Currently, the publicly owned sector has been transferred into a liberalised one and with predominant foreign ownership participation;
  • This aforementioned transformation, along with the ideal geographical location of Malta, has attracted several highly reputable financial institutions to establish operations in Malta, such as i) HSBC ii) Deutsche Bank and iii) Commonwealth bank;
  • In Malta, banking institutions are regulated by the Banking Act. This Act is based on European Union legislation and follows the Basle Core Principles. Meanwhile, the non-bank financial institutions are regulated by the Financial Institutions Act;
  • Due to the robust regulatory and legislative framework, Malta ranked 20th out of 140 economies for strength of auditing and reporting standards and 15th for soundness of the banking sector in the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report 2015-2016.

Malta corporate bank account

  • SRH International PLC recommends our international Clients to open their Malta corporate account with an international bank with which they already have a bank account in another country, because many Malta banks prefer to operate on referral basis. And this can also reduce time spent on compliance background checks;
  • Important large banks in terms of assets in Malta include i) APS Bank ii) Bank of Valletta iii) FCM Bank and iv) Lombard Bank. They are also good choices for private banking and wealth management services in Malta;
  • Foreign banks present in Malta include i) Erste Group ii) BNP Paribas Fortis and iii) Raiffeisen Bank.

Our Malta corporate banking services

SRH Internationalefficiently assists our Clients to open a multicurrency corporate bank account in Malta. Please read below for further information:

  • To facilitate easy corporate bank account opening, SRH International PLC will project manage this process on the ground without our Client’s travel required. Our Client can expect to receive corporate bank account numbers within 4 weeks and thereafter activate internet banking facilities within another 2 weeks;
  • SRH International PLC will liaise with the banks from A to Z, actively preventing our Clients from travelling to Malta. However, there is still a 20% chance that the bank’s compliance department may request our Clients to attend a bank meeting in Malta. There will be a fee discount if you have to travel;
  • Some Maltese banks do not courier internet banking tokens to overseas address thereby SRH International PLC will direct the bank to mail the tokens to our local office and then we will courier the same to the preferred international address of our Client.

Ongoing banking support

If required by our Client, SRH Internationalwill also be pleased to communicate and secure additional bank financial support for their projects in Malta:

  • SRH Internationalmay assist our Clients with obtaining various financial instruments such as: i) bank guarantees ii) letters of credit iii) finance against trust receipt and iv) documents for payment and acceptance. Please contact SRH International PLC for inquiries regarding these services and related fees;
  • SRH International PLC will prepare a quality business plan or a feasibility study on behalf of our Client to support a quality application for various financial instruments. Based on the requirements from the bank, the business plan will also include i) availability of collateral assetss ii) adequate background of senior management and iii) last 3 years audited financial statements.

Steps required to open an account

Healy Consultants’ banking team and our Client will follow these steps to open a corporate account on our Client’s behalf:

  • Prior to submitting the bank account application, SRH Internationalwill discuss and guide our Client towards choosing the best corporate account amongst the different banking options available in Malta based on our Client’s business nature;
  • To support timely company formation, SRH Internationalwill initially open a temporary account at the bank chosen by our Client. At least 20% of the paid-up capital (minimum of €1,200 for a limited liability company) will then have to be injected into this account for the bank to provide a certificate of deposit, required to complete incorporation procedures;
  • After company incorporation, SRH Internationalconverts the temporary account into a permanent, multicurrency corporate bank account;
  • Once the corporate account is approved, SRH International PLC will timely secure the Internet bank tokens on behalf of our Clients.

Exchange controls and other regulation

  • Malta does not implement exchange controls, except notification will still be required to provide to the customs if any person enters or leaves Malta carrying cash or other monetary value over €10,000;
  • Multiple foreign currencies are available in Malta for corporate bank accounts, including €, US$ and £;
  • There are no limits for account holders to keep in their bank accounts on the amount of foreign currency.