Well implemented in Europe and with a large business network our company will help you find a mature company to buy or a Start-up to invest in. We have a track record of successful investment in several companies in numerous geographies, industries and sectors. SRH International improves the operational performance of companies by providing management capabilities and financial resources for investing in products, sales and R&D.

Investments in Europe could be divided into investments for profit earning and very prospective investments to obtain a quality lifestyle & residency. Our company has an investment proposals portfolio suitable for different goals. We commit ourselves to work with the most reliable companies. We offer a full range of services: selection of the investment project, negotiations, Due Diligence, all necessary consultations with the involvement of lawyers, barristers and notaries public; we help to prepare documents for submitting an application for residence permit, support in administrative work. We work in close cooperation with cantonal economic development departments, migration services and tax authorities.

Investing in Europe, you invest in your future: in no other continent the investments in prospective and innovative sectors of the economy are as welcomed as they are in Europe. Such investments in Europe will not only bring you a considerable income but will ensure a worthy life in a rich alpine country because they give an opportunity to receive a residency.

Choose the best of them in the prospective investment projects from our database or contact us directly. We have close links with canton economic development departments, administrative authorities responsible for residence permit issue and also with law and functional offices.