Internship Abroad

Step 1: Refer to Oxford Management School courses and then look into a relevant Internship. Of course we will help you for the same.
Interning abroad is sort of like the more-exotic-with-less-baggage has-their-life-together cousin of study abroad, who shows up at a family party and totally rocks your world. The benefits of international internships are unique and, while not as prevalent as study abroad, very versatile. Due to the direct correlation that internships have to potential career paths, these opportunities are considered to be a better fit for students who want to maximize their investment in an experience abroad.
Intern abroad programs can be searched based on a specific destination, a field of work, a length of stay, or a general region. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the paradox of choice, holler at one of SRH International’s expert Online Advisors for a short list of suggested internships that match what you’re looking for.

Take advantage of resources:

• People. Key people to talk to as you plan to develop your intern abroad action plan include your study abroad advisor, your campus academic advisor, your financial aid office, registrar or department heads, and of course, Mom and Dad (for that check, #nawmean?)
• Online. Do real research, call us and compare program reviews.

Keep in mind:

• Payment: You may be wondering if you can find an internship abroad that’s paid. While it is difficult, also this is never a guarantee. Inquire with individual employers to see what compensation packages, if any, are available to you.
• Scholarships: Ask your host organization, the company organizing your internship, or your university contacts to learn about available funding options. Apply early and apply often!
• Timing: Many students opt to do their internship abroad in the summer for a multitude of reasons; this is a great way to fill your precious time off!

Questions to ask:

• Can I chat with an alum? Getting first-hand, direct feedback on an internship program or placement from a previous intern is your best for factual information.
• Will I get credit for my international internship? This is by no means a guarantee, but a potential option. Chat with your university advisors to see if you can score college credit for your internship abroad.
• Can I intern abroad for free? Well, it never hurts to ask. At the same time don’t be disappointed if you get laughed at or shunned, maybe not literally though.

You can choose to find an internship program based on your profile. Gain access to special collections, specific experts in your field of study, or unique and relevant environments you can’t get back home.
On the flipside, you can choose to find an internship abroad based on your field of interest. If you know you want to do an online internship abroad or find an internship in management or marketing for example, be open to alter your priorities and comfort zone.